How to find the right panties

Size guide

How to measure your panty size?

Silhouette showing waist and hip circumference

01 Measure your waist

02 measure your hips

Waist size

Hip size

34 XS

62-66 cm

84-88 CM

36 S

66-70 CM

88-92 CM

38 M

70-74 CM

92-96 CM

40-42 L

74-82 CM

96-104 CM

44-46 XL

82-90 CM

104-112 CM

48-50 XXL

90-100 CM

112-120 CM

01 Waist size

34 XS 62-66 cm

36 S 66-70 cm

38 m 70-74 CM

40-42 L 74-82 CM

44-46 XL 82-90 CM

48-50 xxl 90-100 CM

02 Hip size

34 XS 84-88 CM

36 s 88-92 CM

38 m 92-96 CM

40-42 L 96-104 CM

44-46 xl 104-112 CM

48-50 xxl 112-120 CM


Additional ecological aspect

All our textiles are made in France. They are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, which means that they are eco-friendly textiles that are controlled throughout the production chain and are free of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Instruction de lavage et entretien

Metanoïa panties can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine on a normal programme, without fabric softener. To maintain their life span, you can put them in a laundry net to protect them. After each use, rinse your panties with cold water until the excess blood is removed, then leave them to dry until your next laundry. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand in warm water with a mild soap. For more information, please check our FAQ.


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