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Isabelle Tournaire, fondatrice de Metanoïa

Hello, I am Isabelle

I am the founder of Metanoïa. On this blog I document the latest news about menstruation. I also share my best discoveries and tips.

10 Essential Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Menstrual Panties

Menstrual briefs are taking up more and more space in our drawers. They’re the new, much more comfortable way of getting through your period, without the stress of running away. Above all, it’s a truly ecological choice that’s much better for our health. However, finding the right product can be complicated, as today there are all kinds of menstrual pants, both good and bad quality. It’s easy to get lost in the choice. Here are ten criteria to consider when making your purchase.

Absorption capacity

The first element to consider in your quest for the ideal menstrual panty is definitely its absorbency. Models vary in terms of absorbency, so choose according to your specific needs to avoid discomfort and so you can wear them all day long. Plus: also consider having different flow options for different days of your cycle. For example, opt for a panty designed for a heavy flow at the beginning of the cycle, and another for a medium or lighter flow towards the end.

Which brings us to a slightly less important point, but one nonetheless: whether the brand you choose makes packs with different levels of absorption.

The design

Choosing the right design is also crucial. Getting your period isn’t often (if ever) a pleasure, so feeling feminine and valued is important. At Metanoïa, aesthetics rhymes with efficiency, so why choose when you can have both?

The type of Fabric

Comfort is everything when it comes to menstruation, especially when it comes to clothes you’ll be wearing all day long. Natural fabrics such as cotton are more comfortable and allow the skin to breathe, so there’s no itching and zero unpleasant odors, compared with polyester panties. Polyester menstrual pants, on the other hand, can be seamless and therefore have a second-skin effect, an interesting choice when you’re wearing thin clothes or doing sports. We still recommend natural materials. Experiment with different materials to find the one that suits you best.

The thickness

When you start looking for menstrual panties, you think that the thicker they are, the more absorbent they are. This is true to a certain extent, as some panties are very, very thick and feel like a diaper. It’s not comfortable and certainly not necessary, even if you have heavy periods. What counts is not only the absorbency of the fabric, but also the width of the absorbent part. The wider it is, the more blood can be absorbed in different places, thus avoiding overflow.

Brand Philosophy

It’s not always easy to make the switch to menstrual underwear. Those who do generally have ecological values, or their health and comfort are important to them. You want to make the leap to something that’s more in line with who you are and your state of mind. It’s always a good idea to support brands that share your values. A little research on the brand will tell you more about its values and commitments.

Product origin

Consider where the panties are made. Options made locally or in Europe have a lower carbon footprint and are ethically responsible. What’s more, panties such as “made in France” or “Italy” are a guarantee of expertise and quality.


Although the initial investment may seem high, remember that these panties can be reused for years. Prices generally range from CHF 30 to 60, so choose according to what you can afford without sacrificing quality.

However, don’t forget that cheap is always too expensive. Menstrual pants costing less than CHF 30 are generally of poor quality and don’t last. They’re less comfortable, not durable, they take longer to dry and they’re made in Asia under ethically unknown conditions. Most of the women I met, who wanted to try panties without sacrificing their initial budget, were all understandably very disappointed with their experiences. It’s not the same experience as “made in Europe” panties, so think again!

Easy Maintenance

Another aspect to consider is the ease with which panties can be cared for. Most models require only an initial rinse followed by machine washing. Avoid those that require a more complex cleaning process.

Online Sales Terms and Refund

Check that the online store offers secure payment and a clear returns policy. For reasons of hygiene, some brands refuse returns. Make sure that returns are possible, as you may want to send your panties back.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Consult online reviews to get a better idea of product quality and reliability. There’s no better way to get an idea of the brand experience than to read customer reviews.

I hope these points will help you make the right choice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us at : welcome@bymetanoia.ch. We’ll get back to you within the day!

See you soon! 😊

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