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Isabelle Tournaire, fondatrice de Metanoïa

Hello, I am Isabelle

I am the founder of Metanoïa. On this blog I document the latest news about menstruation. I also share my best discoveries and tips.

Menstrual panties: the truth about odors

One of the common fears about menstrual panties is: the smell. And yes, I’ve been told “what if it smells like salmon” – salmon? I thought it deserved an article. When I did some research, I realized that almost no brand of menstrual panties addresses the subject. I can understand on one hand, because they promise zero odor. They are not wrong, because the vast majority of the time, a menstrual panty, whatever the brand, captures odors and does not smell. But it is very important to talk about it to maintain your panties.

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Is it really possible to have no odor?

I will use an example to illustrate my point. It’s like buying a t-shirt to run a half-marathon and wondering if you’re going to feel the sweat in it. In principle, no. The majority of people will not smell, a small portion will smell a little, and some will smell strongly, to the point that it is unpleasant for them and those around them. Why? Because we have different bodies, different emotions, different diets, different lifestyles.

It is exactly the same with menstrual panties. Ok, I admit that the parallel is a bit daring, but it is quite true though. Your body makes an (internal) effort and expels something. Most of the time, there will be no unpleasant odors, and some brands make sure to have breathable textiles to ensure that even the smallest odor is captured. Other brands use polyester textiles and/or silver nanoparticles to camouflage any odors that might appear, which is really not great (well, pretty terrible for your health and for the environment), but I’ll explain that in a future article.

At Metanoia, our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our panties are made only of natural materials, namely materials that breathe. The first layer is made of cotton and the second, the absorbent part, is made of Lyocell. Lyocell is the Rolls Royce of natural and ecological textiles. It is very absorbent and has anti-bacterial properties, and therefore anti-odour. We have created panties to avoid any unpleasant odors, and we say it too: zero unpleasant odors.

But with poor maintenance…

However, with time and a lot of forgotten maintenance, it is possible that some odors appear, and this is true for all brands. Let me take the example of the t-shirt. If you have sweated in it, worn it for a long time and not cleaned it right away, it may smell the next few times even after cleaning, because the sweat will have become embedded in the fabric. The same goes for your menstrual panties. It is possible that with several maintenance oversights, a small amount of blood may have become embedded in the absorbent fabrics of your panties. Sometimes you don’t have time to rinse it off properly after removing it or you forget to do so. We use disposable pads at the same time, or we wear it too long because our panties are holding up, or we didn’t lay it down properly when it was wet. In this case, even after being machine washed, your panties may give off a slight odor when you wear them again. But don’t panic, we all forget or are in a hurry, and it’s totally ok. There is a simple and effective solution to clean it thoroughly.

The method for deep cleaning your panties

To do this, you can soak your panties in cold water mixed with white vinegar or percarbonate (1 tablespoon for 1 liter of water) for 2 to 3 hours. These products will thoroughly clean and disinfect the absorbent tissues of your panties, for optimal effectiveness. Then, put it back in the machine and it’s ready! Don’t forget to wash it at 30°C, so as not to damage the fibers.

This tip is to be used from time to time for a deep cleaning of your menstrual panties, in order to prolong its life and its effectiveness. You can also use it to deep clean your other panties. And this little homemade recipe can even be used for your sweaty t-shirts! 😉

However, I recommend that you take care of your menstrual panties by rinsing them well after each use. This tip should only be used occasionally. By taking care of your menstrual panties and your intimate health, you can continue to enjoy the freedom and comfort they offer, without having to worry about embarrassing odors. However, if the odor persists and is recurrent even when you are not menstruating (and therefore not using menstrual panties), you may be suffering from vaginal infections. In this case, we recommend that you contact your doctor.

See you soon for a new article! 🙂

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